MPS Features & Benefits

RMC features include

  • An in-depth assessment of your current printing environment and custom recommendation, including hardware configuration
  • A review of your document workflow and recommendations to improve productivity
  • Customized solutions for supplies replenishment, service and support
  • Ongoing review to further reduce total cost and increase printing efficiencies

When determining the optimal print environment, RMC assists you in determining

  • Which devices best fit the needs of your employees
  • How many devices are needed
  • Where should devices be located
  • How much should you spend monthly on supplies
  • How best to manage your supplies
  • What your service contract and maintenance costs are

RMC managed print customer benefits

  • Fleet efficiency – get the most out of your entire print environment
  • Low predictable payment with no capital investment – a set monthly cost makes it easier for you to budget
  • Auto supplies fulfillment – never worry about running out of toner again
  • The latest technology at an affordable cost upgrade when you want
  • Device reliability with scheduled maintenance preventative services mean you won’t have to deal with unexpected downtime and service delays
  • Detailed usage and added control for all print devices – adjust your print environment to meet changing business requirements

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